Airport Information System

The Airport Information System is intended for the presentation graphics and audio to multiple terminals deployed in large public buildings. The information is transmitted in accordance with a pre-programmed schedule, stored in the database, triggered by the operator or external system.

The system can be used in airports, at railway and bus stations for schedules, in hotels, banks (for customer information) and many other public places.


infLOT is a system for airport service information. It provides an easy way to manage, process, store, exchange and visualize any data related to flights. The process flow information includes groups of workers present at the airport, the Border Guard, Customs, airport services, airport security staff, as well as the Call Center.

Information for passengers

  • Presentation of information on any type of display.
  • The information is displayed in both English and Polish, or can be in any selected language.
  • There is the possibility to customize the presentation of information displays.
  • There is also the possibility to create a "wall of monitors."

Airport and advertising messages

  • The possibility of advertising in the form of static images (single or sequence). FLASH animations.
  • Your advertising according to a fixed schedule.
  • The ability to display messages (security information) viewed in the form of information sliding horizontally at the bottom of each screen, below an image sequence or animation.

The infLOT supports the largest airports in Poland: